436 • Playing in small circles makes for a square interpretation.

435 • Master Yoda giving a music lesson

“The upbeat use
to get to the one
you must!”

434 • Music is a narrative, not an act nor a play.

433 • Out of sight – out of mind

Scientific research (Brenner & Zacks) observed that walking through doorways interferes with memory, facilitates forgetting. More specifically: the “doorway effect” is a theory based on the fact that retaining a memory is more difficult after literally walking through an actual doorway (to another room, the outside, the other lecture hall, in or out the church, a stage door). It appears that memory works better when remaining in the room in which it originally captured the information, and that one loses some of the information when walking out of the room - in real locations (like your practice room, the university, a museum, a shopping center, the green room) as well as in virtual reality simulations (like an Avatar program at DARPA; or Skyrim, the Sims, or Destiny on PSX). It’s called the “encoding specificity” principle and suggests that memory organizes information (amongst other things) ‘location based’ (exterior).

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432 • First practice, then freak out.

From a pedagogical point of view: personality preventing productive piano practicing is preposterous - before the after - and utterly undesired.

Therefore I advise the following (as it is a “path dependent” process): first practice with focus and purpose, and only then give sway to the weakness of spirit and flesh.

See: 182 • Disciplina

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