137 • Centaur

The piano is a mechanical sound synthesizer. The pianist is an organic sound synthesizer. You have to become one with the instrument - a biomechanical sound synthesizer! You have to play not at or on the piano, but become an extension of the instrument as the instrument becomes an extension of your body. You have to play the piano like a horseman so perfectly connected to the animal that they appear like one creature.

Try to imagine the actual piano sound before playing the first note of the day. It's virtually impossible. Then play it. Listen to the percussive eruption, the vibration of the strings transferring to the soundboard, the soundboard setting the air in motion, the unfolding arc of the tone, the oscillating overtones, the actual frequency of the note, feel the force feedback from the vibrating piano body through the key.

Then imagine, anticipate, and play again, compare, retain, recall. Educate your inner ear by truly listening to and remembering the sound coming from the piano in relation to how you create it. Develop your palette of sound as you create it with your body. Become a centaur!

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