182 • Disciplina

Disciplina was a minor deity and the personification of discipline in ancient Rome.

She was commonly worshiped by the soldiers of the Imperial Legions. Her meaning to them was both discipline as in self-control and determination, as well as competence as in a field of study - warfare in that case. Her chief virtues were: Frugalis, Severitas and Fidelis. A soldier must be frugal in every way: with money, with energy, with actions. A soldier must be severe: focused, determined, not easily dissuaded, decisive. A soldier must be faithful: to his unit, his army, the officers and the people of Rome.

Pianists must also worship Disciplina. A pianist needs self-control (mind) and determination (heart), as well as competence (technique) in the field of music. A pianist must be frugal with energy, efficient with technique. A pianist must be severe in his pursuit of excellence. A pianist must be faithful to his craft, the composer, the repertoire, and music.

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