244 • The score is as incomplete as this statement:

The sc re is as inc m ete as t is s ate ent: the black dots on th pa e do not co ta n all the inf mat n for pro er interpre ation of the comp sition.

It does imply without symbolic representation on the page: B ild long phr es, pl y with dy amics and emotio s, li ten to t e harm ni s, be fait ful to the rhy m, sing the mel dy, be expr ssive!

Veryoftenitisalsounclearwherethewordsorphrasesendthatisonlyaproblemifyouarenotanative speakeryoumightneedtoreadthesethreesentencesafewtimesbeforeaddingproperrhythmandmel odyandthusderivemeaning.

We extrapolate and integrate the missing elements and thus derive meaning due to the knowledge (information) and understanding (intelligence) of grammar, syntax, and context.

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