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Originality, quality, and vision of an artist had to be discovered and appreciated through his works, as face time was much less of a reality (especially with historical figures). We knew the greats of the arts by their works and deeds and not by their pr. In today's media hysteria we believe we know something about a person once their image appears in the press, on the screen, MTV, or Facebook. But all of these appearances are born of public relations marketing schemes and tell us nothing real or true about the actual person or their creations. The media of the information age, or better data abundance desert, is detrimental to the intricate and intimate message of high art. Twitter works fabulously for revolutions but for art it's too twitchy. Today an image for the image's (and sales number’s) sake can be artificially crafted – unlike the actual art itself – and it is what it is (it is so, how it is) because the medium is the message. Consider the "new face of classical music".

See: 103 • A Nocturne by Frederic Chopin can not and never will be transferred to MP3.

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