352 • The Flow

The state of flow, an inspired performance, Kairos, is the highest pursuit of a concert artist. It seems that we are willing to abandon musical, melodic, harmonic, formal, and topographical synesthetic memory – once we feel secure – In search of the flow, a state of effortless attention, satori.

But consider this: We certainly agree that Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Liszt were performing with the absolute abandonment of an inspired flow. Can we imagine that they were not absolutely aware of and completely certain about rhythmic patterns, harmonic systems, key signatures and names, interval contours and with the foresight of improvisation? It is reasonable to assume that they were. Much of the music they performed was their own – original compositions – and they were all category-shattering improvisers.

In order to master the flow we need a rich retrieval structure.

More retrieval structure awareness gives a more difficult wave to ride, but the flow is evermore so exceptional.

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