359 • Life live

Gould erred in his prediction about the demise of live performances though he was right about the advent and domination of the recorded media. He did not foresee MTV and MP3, though, alas his predictions would perhaps have been less enthusiastic; and if he knew about the best-laid schemes of John Q. Walker's Zenph Studios, he might have - flattered - reconsidered.

The Oral Tradition, the ancient art of transmitting historical and mythological information in spoken word with a corporal presence in front of a crowd, is the foundation of the continuous desire for live performances. Art is a multifaceted phenomenon and a metaphysical need of individuals and civilizations. The Epic and the Tragedy are but some of the manifestations of high art; Drama, Sculpture, Painting, and Music from Orpheus to Orff and from Marsyas to Messiaen are others; they all have a systemic imperative of material manifestation, a physical performance.

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