364 • Ludwig van Beethoven giving a piano lesson

"Um die erforderliche Bindung zu erzielen, hebt sich der Finger nicht eher von der ersten Note jeder Gruppe, bis die vierte Note anzuschlagen ist."

"In order to achieve the necessary connection, the finger shall not lift off the first note of each group until the fourth note is to be played."

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Beethoven's cumbersome instruction to Cramer’s 1st étude (from: Johann Baptist Cramer, 21 Etüden nebst Fingerübungen von Beethoven nach seinem Handexemplar, Universal Edition) suggests a very small finger movement on the four 1/16 note scale cluster.

Brilliant: keeping the first finger on the keyboard efficiently prevents the unnecessary raising of the other fingers and necessitates the involvement of the arm.

324 • Ludwig van Beethoven giving a(nother) piano lesson

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