410 • Faster listening

How to practice faster playing? One way is to reduce the processing of available information to the necessary - listening to fewer details is faster listening, which enables faster playing.

For example: Rhythmically - fewer beats in bar or phrase; halves instead of quarters, whole bars instead of eight notes.
Harmonically - fewer details of cadence, only main harmonic events, taking the subtleties of transition in passing.
Melodically - straighter curves, exaggerated peaks and perhaps valleys, less attention to transitions and ornaments.

It is the art of 'prevedere'. Think of driving a car: the faster the driving speed, the fewer details are processed and the further one looks ahead; a kind of a narrowing tunnel vision retaining control of the information. Never give up control in faster playing. You never drive on autopilot on high speeds. Practicing, as always, is the key to that faster car.

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