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The desire for the pursuit of excellence is the paramount talent. The staggering reality of talent however is, that it is not a mysterious gift but the motivator and the result of methodical practice.

How can every man become a genius, a virtuoso, a master, an artist, and athlete, a champion, a Templar Knight? By constant strive for excellence, the most important talent, guided by uncommon devotion, dedication, discipline, and vision.

All there is, all creation is made by the laws of nature. That includes also our creations: science, knowledge, war, art, and religion. There is no conclusive evidence that the miracles and reality of the atom, the library of Alexandria, the sword and shield, the Sistine Chapel, and the holy book were not crafted by the hand of mortal men within the laws of nature. But these achievements are human domain to all: if every child, man, and woman, was cultivated by, inspired to, and in pursuit of greatness in art, philosophy, science, craft, or government, the world would be a better place.

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