415 • Jazz Hands

What is proper movement at the instrument for the classical musician? A minimum of action for a maximum of expression. Observe the greatest virtuosi or the greatest athletes: they move as much and as little as necessary to serve the purpose of expression and excellence.

In contrast: look at the self serving and purely theatrical movements of world wresting federation's superstars and the elastic affectations and emoticonesque contortions of contemporary Rock & Pop icons. When classical musicians move in that way, they surely must compensate by body language for the vacuum of original concept and content. A rather recent phenomenon.

A career based on acting in sports, rock, pop or classical music - i.e. show business, entertainment - surely makes lots of money and probably provides an exorbitant amount of fun.

A career of contribution and achievement however is rewarding and meaningful by its results. A career based on artistic excellence and integrity is priceless. A truly ageless phenomenon.

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