416 • Virtuoso technique is the wind that propels the sail of artistic creation.

Virtuosity is an acquired special ability. The discipline and desire necessary to acquire a special ability of the complexity of an indomitable piano virtuoso is nearly beyond human capacity. So is the result. It takes 10,000 hours under the guidance of insightful methodology or intuition.

The absolute virtuoso is one who seems to transcend the general understanding of human potential. But he doesn't transcend human potential - he only fulfills it. The apparent superhuman phenomenon of any acquired special ability - think chess grand master, olympic athlete, virtuoso instrumentalist, etc. - is not a gift, not a blessing, but the result of arduous and focused lifetime of work.

To be more than a virtuoso one must apply the same dedication to the artistic journey, the mastering of musical language and expression.

"To be more than a virtuoso, one has to be a virtuoso first."
Vladimir Samoylovich Horowitz (1903 – 1989)

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